How a 14 year old entrepreneur started his own company

How a 14 year old entrepreneur started his own company

Last week marked the remarkable one-year anniversary of Axxa Golf, a journey that began in mid-2022 when a young and ambitious 14-year-old named Axel Karlsson-Lacy first ventured into the world of golf. As he delved into the sport, Axel couldn't help but notice the lack of imagination and innovation in golf apparel. The typical plain and uninspiring polos left a lasting impression on him, and over the following weeks, this notion continued to simmer in his mind until it finally spurred him into action.

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Transforming Idea into Reality

One evening, while gathered around the dinner table, Axel shared his thoughts about the golf industry's need for a fresh perspective with his parents. Instead of just offering sympathy, they challenged him to be the change he wanted to see. Axel began translating his ideas into tangible designs, initially sketching them in his notebook. This simple start soon evolved into a journey of self-discovery as he honed his skills in design software like Illustrator. Eager to see his designs come to life on golf polos, Axel dedicated countless hours to communicating with suppliers on Alibaba, often grappling with the challenges of dealing with non-native English speakers. His determination and patience paid off when he finally managed to have material samples sent over. Axel fondly recalls the day the samples arrived as one of the proudest moments of his life. "I was so excited that I slept with the samples right next to me," he said.

Axxa golf's first ever samples

The First Order

Within days of receiving the material samples, Axel placed an order for 80 units from a supplier in Hong Kong. The six-week wait for the first range to arrive was filled with anticipation. In the meantime, Axel started to create a buzz for the upcoming launch by sharing his journey on Tiktok and Instagram. When the first batch of polo shirts finally arrived, he was over the moon. Axel and his friends wasted no time and headed straight to the golf course to create content showcasing their innovative creations. It was a surreal moment for them, a vivid realization of their shared dream.

Axxa Golf's Ongoing Success

Since those early days, Axxa Golf has seen a meteoric rise. They've amassed a following of four figures on social media, sponsored golf events, and earned a spot in the pages of the popular golf magazine, Golf Digest. In addition, they've launched four distinct clothing ranges, collaborated with notable golf influencers like @CheekygolfClub, and successfully shipped orders to multiple continents. Above all, Axel and his team have had an incredible amount of fun along the way.

For the 15-year-old founder, Axel Karlsson-Lacy, this journey is just the beginning. As he succinctly puts it, "This is just the beginning." So, keep a close eye on this dynamic and creative golf company because there's no telling what exciting innovations and achievements lie ahead for Axxa Golf.